Why Your Medspa Needs Digital Accessibility for Higher Patient Conversion

Starting a business can either break you or make you. Many things are going on within a business. Regardless of the industry you belong to, challenges will be a part of your operations.

One significant challenge faced by businesses across the United States was the COVID-19 pandemic. Aside from introducing healthcare system flaws, it also opened the eyes of businesses to their weaknesses. These challenges did not exclude any industry. Med spas were not exempt from these struggles.

Challenges Faced By Modern Businesses

It will not be an entrepreneurial venture without any challenges. Here are some challenges modern businesses face today:

Financial Challenges

Financial challenges are not new to any entrepreneurial venture. A business will not thrive without funds. You will need a budget for salaries, utilities, and other relevant expenses for your operations.

A financial challenge brought by the recent pandemic was the added expenses for COVID-19 restrictions. It includes extra costs for enforcing social distancing and frequent sanitizing.

Funds can come from different sources. If you are a starting business, the first place to look for funds is your savings.

If your savings is not enough, you can ask for a loan from family and friends. You can ask them to choose. They can be your investor or creditors. 

Investors will be expecting a return on their investment. 

On the other hand, creditors lend you their money in exchange for a fixed cost. It is the interest on the loan. 

Investors would want higher returns when your business performs well. On the other hand, creditors want the principal loan plus the interest on your agreed due date.

Alternatively, you can get funding for your business through various financial institutions. You can go to banks or lending firms.

Government Regulation Changes

COVID-19 restrictions on the reopening of many businesses are one of the challenges brought about by the recent pandemic.

Reopening your business during the COVID-19 pandemic means you have to apply safety precautions.

These safety precautions include an additional cost for frequent sanitizing and extra costs for the salaries of a cleaning team.

Employee Demand

The earlier parts of the COVID-19 pandemic posed health risks for workers. It caused many employees to ask their employers for protection against the transmission of the deadly SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19.

The request entailed extra expenses for the business that may not be on the budget. Your business may have struggled to follow COVID-19 restrictions for insufficient funds.


Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses already struggle with increasing competition. Easy entry into your industry allows for growing competition in the market. However, easy entry is not the only factor contributing to competition.

For example, competition strategy, pricing, and other advantages may be limiting your growth. Moreover, increasing substitutes for your products and services may be the reason for a stagnant profit over the past few months.

Maintaining Ideal Relationships with Vendors

Vendors are your suppliers. 

Your medical spa has suppliers for medical tools, aesthetic injection products, and other relevant supplies.

Maintaining ideal relationships with your suppliers helps you control your pricing. Pricing your product is not only contributing to your profit statement. It also impacts your image and branding.  

Pricing can instill an image in your clients regarding the quality of your services. For example, high prices may convince clients of superior quality services than the competition.

Alternatively, low pricing may indicate lower quality services.

However, your high prices may not meet the budget of your patients. They might seek other clinics if they cannot afford your services.

Additionally, an advantage of low pricing is the affordability of your services. 

Ensure that you apply the required medical care and procedures with this pricing. If you exceed your breakeven point, low pricing can also be profitable.


A business will have no direction without a pilot. The pilot of a company is the entrepreneur. For example, the owner of a medical spa is responsible for the success of its operations.

As a medical spa owner, you make decisions to help your business survive and thrive. It involves being a mediator, an authority, and other roles.

Lost Opportunities

Many businesses lose opportunities for varying reasons.

For example, your medical aesthetic clinic may have lost the opportunity to open a new branch in a new city after waiting too long. Alternatively, you may have lost your target market to a competitor. 

Additionally, your medical spa may have skipped the earning potential of doing digital marketing.

Marketing is a profitable business function that you should not forgo. However, it is not the only activity you need to look after.

The Complex Business Activities of Medical Spas

Medical aesthetic clinics have varying complex activities. As a business owner, you need to understand each activity.

For example, your accounting team helps your business with government compliance and making financial statements.

Their outputs also help other business functions within your medical spa. Understanding the use of financial statements can help you make sound decisions for your company.

Additionally, a financial management team can help you maximize the earning potential of your business. 

They can create an investment portfolio for you. Investment of idle cash can help add to income. These earnings can support your funding for an additional branch. Alternatively, it can help you get funds for an equipment upgrade.

Moreover, your financial management team can help you with decision-making. 

They can convert financial statements into valuable information to assist you in decision-making. For example, they can help provide financial information to help you decide whether to accept or reject a project.

Furthermore, your business will need a team to handle your inventory and supplies. Supplies and inventory are different. Inventory is the products you sell. On the other hand, supplies are the ones you use for your medical aesthetic services. It includes syringes, face masks, and gloves. Overstocking them can be costly for your business. For example, it entails an additional cost for electricity. However, understocking may result in lost opportunities for your business.

A significant business function that you need for your medical spa is marketing. Marketing can help you find patients.

Marketing can help you increase your clientele and create long-term relationships with them when you do it correctly.

What is Marketing?

Marketing focuses on communicating the products, services, and brands of a business. It helps convert prospects into clients for your medical spa.

Additionally, marketing helps your business stand out from the competition.

Why Does Your Medical Spa Need Marketing?

Marketing has many benefits for your business. Here are the advantages of using marketing for your medical spa business:

Widens Your Market

Marketing is a technical activity. Marketing professionals can build new demand in a market. 

With the added demand in a new market, you offer your services to a bigger market.

Optimizing Idle Resources

With the increased demand for your medical services, there will be low idle resources as many of them will be in use.

With low idle resources, you maximize the earning potential of your assets.

Boost Sales

When done correctly, marketing can significantly increase your earnings. Some medical spas can increase their monthly income with the help of a digital marketing agency.

Many medical aesthetic clinics partnered with Really Good Content for varying digital marketing services. These clients shared their positive experiences with the partnership. For example, Oceans Derm ranked on the front page of Google in the first 90 days since the launch of its website. Really Good Content helped their clients attain similar results.  

Digital Marketing is Not Magic

Digital marketing is not potions and rituals. It entails technical skills and creativity merged into a digital platform.

Additionally, it is not a two-ingredient recipe that comes with all the benefits of one person.

Really Good Content has a team of experts in every digital marketing aspect they believe can help you attain your goals.  

Why Outsource Your Digital Marketing Activities?

Digital marketing is a complex marketing strategy. For example, medspa content for websites is different for social media. 

 People on social media may prefer short-form content that does not take much of their time. On the other hand, people who visit blogs may want lengthy descriptions of a topic.

Additionally, the medspa article is a challenging task for some experts. You may have tried and failed to make one in the past. It happens to other experts as well. Not all experts in their field are great writers. That is where content specialists come in. 

Medspa content writing entails the creativity and technical skills of an expert with years of experience.

Another significant activity covered by digital marketing is med spa website design. It helps medical spa websites get a desirable and engaging feel. A lack of experts in this field can limit the potential of your medical spa website as an automatic sales agent.

Hiring a team with technical and creative skills can be costly for your medical spa. Think about the costs for commissions, salary, bonuses, and equipment upgrades.

Moreover, training your team for software and hardware upgrades is also costly.  

Valuable content and other digital marketing outputs are within your grasp with the help of a reliable agency. Really Good Content specializes in medical spa digital marketing.

Really Good Content and Digital Marketing

Really Good Content is a competent digital marketing agency offering different services for your conversion needs.

Moreover, the company has a selection of experts in different digital marketing fields. The agency has a team of SEO experts, website designers, content creators, and social media specialists. They can help you build a digital presence visible to your target market.

Moreover, they make the websites strong enough to hear your voice with valuable content.

Another advantage of partnering with Really Good Content is their digital accessibility service.

Accessible websites allow for higher conversion opportunities for your digital marketing function.

Why does Your Medspa Website Need Digital Accessibility?

Patients and prospects are different. They have varying insecurities, visions, beliefs, and social standing. Additionally, some have disabilities while others do not.

Digital accessibility widens your opportunity for a bigger audience for your digital marketing efforts. It helps make your digital content readable or accessible to all audiences, including those with disabilities.  

Accessible websites help widen your market by allowing even those with disabilities and impairments to ease through your online content.

The increase in coverage allows for higher conversion for your business. Higher conversion means an increase in revenue.

The increase in revenue contributes to the growth of your medical spa.

A Trusted Partner for Higher Med Spa Patient Conversion

Really Good Content offers many benefits to clients. Attain growth through expert digital marketing functions.

Additionally, Really Good Content can help you save costs on running your digital marketing.

They have the expertise and tools for your digital marketing function. 

Additionally, they help broaden your market with their digital accessibility service. 

It helps you offer your services to everyone in your market. It includes those with disabilities.

The digital accessibility service allows you to instill an image of corporate social responsibility efforts to your target audience.

Corporate social responsibility means your efforts to contribute to the betterment of the community. 

A better way to help the community is by showing that nobody is an exemption to your offers!

Really Good Content clients attained an increase in conversion and online presence. The efforts allowed their clients to reach milestones.

Additionally, you get access to free resources to help your business grow in the industry.

Really Good Content can help you with website design, social media management, and email management.

The experts of Really Good Content have years of experience in their field. They are experts in content creation, SEO, website design, and marketing.

Let your websites, social media, and emails become your automated sales agents. You do not pay them salaries, bonuses, and commissions. However, they work for your medical spa for 24/7.

Reap the many benefits of digital marketing by outsourcing this function. Message Really Good Content now to get your free website audit!


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