Digital Marketing: An Effective Way to Get More Patients for your Medspa

Digital marketing is an effective method to get medical spa patients. However, it is not the sole activity you need to succeed in the competitive environment.

Medical spas and other types of business also struggle with competition. Also, other factors influence the success and survival of a business. 

Aside from external factors, internal factors also contribute to the future of a business.

The Complex World of Business

As the owner of your medical spa, you may find out now that great rewards come with immense sacrifices.

Transitioning from a nine-to-five to a full-time business owner is not always rainbows and butterflies. There will always be challenges in every path you take. The best way to survive these challenges is to prepare and plan. However, overcoming business challenges is not a one-solution-fits-all.

If you have been in the industry for years, there may already be a plan. However, the plan you made a few months ago may not be appropriate for the current period.

For example, imagine today is March 8, 2020. You recently applied a strategy focusing on closer patient-business interaction. It means extended face-to-face communication with patients to induce trust and loyalty to the business.

Then, the World Health Organization announces the COVID-19 pandemic on March 11, 2020.

The strategies you approved on March 8 that do not coincide with the COVID-19 restrictions are already obsolete. This situation is already effective upon the announcement of the recent pandemic.

Changes in the business environment play a significant role in your business activities. After the COVID-19 pandemic announcement, you may have canceled face-to-face transactions and close encounters with patients.

Worst case scenario, your medical spa may have to postpone operations during the lockdown orders.

Did you change your business strategies when the COVID-19 pandemic worsened in 2020 and 2021?

You will never know what the future holds for your business. Changes will always occur. The best way to survive these challenges is to devise strategies and plans for your business.

Aside from the shift in strategies caused by external events, you also have to handle your different business functions.

For example, government restrictions on your business operations may not exempt you from reporting to your stakeholders. 

Business stakeholders include creditors, investors, employees, and the general public. It is where financial reports come to your aid. Your accounting and financial management functions can help with reporting to your stakeholders.

Another help you can get from your financial management team is budget forecasts. 

Uncontrollable changes may induce you to ask your financial management team to draft a new budget. They may need to have a word with you about incorporating the changes.

Another business function to oversee is your inventory and supplies. Inventory and supplies are different. Inventory is the products you sell in your business. On the other hand, supplies are the products you use in providing your services to your patients.

Bespoke Beauty MT is a medical spa offering products for sale. They have a list of their products for sale on their website. You can also add another source of revenue from selling OTC beauty products and cosmetics.

The issue with inventory and supplies management is understocking and overstocking. You lose sales when you supply a stock below the demand of your market. On the other hand, you reduce your profits when you incur excessive costs on overstocking. Stocking too much inventory and supplies entails expenses such as refrigeration and other utilities.

Another complex business function is customer relationship management. Your absence in this function can contribute to the fall of your business. As you offer services, you must focus on the performance of your staff.

You can employ performance evaluation to help improve your service. Additionally, motivate your employees. 

There are monetary and non-monetary options for employee motivation. Monetary motivation includes bonuses for exceptional work performance. On the other hand, non-monetary motivation can be awards and certificates for excelling employees.

Another complex business function is marketing. Marketing entails multiple activities. Without it, you cannot stand out in the competition.

Everything Marketing

According to a source, marketing employs excellent communication tactics toward an audience. Marketing aims to convince its audiences to try the products and services of a business.

You can use marketing to entice your target market to try your medical aesthetic services.

Despite its focus on communication, marketing also entails complexity as a business function. There are marketing strategies and components needing attention for its implementation. 

One wrong decision results in cost and time wastage.

The Marketing Mix

A marketing mix is a group of marketing interactions with other business functions.

Here are the 7 Ps of Marketing:


For a service business like your medical spa, the product also pertains to the services your offer. It also includes the products for sale such as cosmetics.

Product-related decisions also contribute to the complexity of business operations. It entails marketing research activities. Marketing research helps identify potential marketing for the products and services you offer.


Price is another complex factor in every business.

High prices have two potential impacts on a product and brand. 

These impacts can be positive or negative. High prices may indicate a superior product or service to the competition. Make sure that you live up to your price. You can stand at a higher price than the competition. That is, if you offer better quality services to your patients.

Alternatively, lower prices connect with affordability. Lower prices can help call in patients to try your services. Use this strategy if you have the resources to lower it without hurting your profits. However, be mindful that lower prices may correlate with low-quality services to some eyes.


The place does not only pertain to a location. It also means the accessibility of your services. Ensure that you have the mechanisms and platforms for your patients and prospects to reach you. For example, multi-channel communication. Multiple communication platforms also provide convenience to your leads and patients.

Physical Evidence

Although services are intangible, the service business employs a mix of equipment and people for its operations.

Another aspect of physical evidence for service businesses is the environment in your medical spas. Medical spas such as New England Skin Center and Kauai Medspa offer a relaxing place for their patients.

One of the significant lessons you need to know for the success of your business is the environment of your medical spa. Many patients get their beauty treatments from medical spas for their hassle-free and relaxing ambiance.

Ensure you have enough furniture for your patients and their companions. Additionally, you can make them feel secure by offering free hand sanitizers. Make them feel you value their safety from COVID-19.


Service businesses may fall due to their overlooked bottlenecks. Bottlenecks are parts of a procedure that may need improvement. For example, the process for booking appointments may be longer. Resolving these bottlenecks improves your services. 

 Improved patient satisfaction is another benefit of resolving bottlenecks.

Satisfied patients result in referrals. Referrals can help grow your loyal patients and client base.


Your employees are significant for the success of your medical spa. Employ motivational and empowering tactics to improve their work performance.

Better work performance results in a better quality of services.

The other part of this marketing aspect is your clients. The best way to entice them to try your services is understanding their preferences, needs, and wants.

In this part, marketing research is helpful.


Promotion is the straight communication side of the marketing mix.  

It covers different types of activities. 

Promotional activities include public relations, sales promotion, advertisement, and direct selling. The other name for these activities is the promotion mix.

It is up to you to apply all promotional activities mentioned or choose one or more.

The Complexity of the Marketing Function

Marketing is a complex business function. It is also one of the most relevant of all company activities.

However, this is not the only business activity needing attention. Remember the other business functions mentioned earlier?

Another thing that makes marketing difficult is strategic planning and implementation.

Digital marketing is a modern-day strategy you can try for your growing business. Why not outsource it?

Outsourcing Digital Marketing

Digital marketing includes activities focusing on digital platforms. 

These platforms include websites and social media. 

It also includes email management.

Activities linked with digital marketing include content creation, digital accessibility services, website design, and reputation management. Each activity has subcategories requiring different experts. For example, content has varying forms. There are written content, videos, photos, and podcasts. Moreover, many websites and social media increase traffic through expertly made infographics.

Furthermore, website design employs different access. One task of professional website designers is the ease of access to website content on varying digital devices. It focuses on the graphics that are logically fit for differently sized devices. These devices include smartphones, computers, and tablets.

The need for different experts makes digital marketing a complicated task.

Digital marketing is not merely having websites and doing social media posts. It entails regularly updated software and hardware. Moreover, different digital platforms need varying experts. 

Digital marketing entails regular costs for system upgrades and employee training. Moreover, it includes expenses for salary employees and benefits.

You can outsource if you want to save extra time and effort running your digital marketing team.

Outsourcing digital marketing helps you focus on other business functions.

Moreover, outsourcing digital marketing increases your chances of lead conversion.

Where to Outsource Your Digital Marketing Function?

Really Good Content is the perfect match for your medical spa business.

It is a competent digital marketing agency. It specializes in medical spas and healthcare businesses.

Their services include med spa website design, medspa content writing, and social media management.

Really Good Content has the right experts in digital marketing. That way, you get valuable content for your different digital platforms.

Additionally, Really Good Content helped increase visitors to many medical spa websites. They even have a collection of clients with positive results.

You may have a hard time creating a medspa article. You are not alone. Other Really Good Content clients had difficulty with medspa content creation.

Another advantage of the services of Really Good Content is their human resources. They have a team of experts for different types of digital content.

The digital outputs of Really Good Content underwent exhaustive research and formulation. You reach your target audience. Moreover, you have a higher chance of a conversion. 

Going the Extra Mile for Your Website Visitors

Really Good Content has been in the industry for a significant amount of time. Its client history allowed it to generate a collection of industry intelligence. This industry knowledge helps with successful large-scale conversion.

Moreover, Really Good Content goes the extra mile by focusing on the experience of your website visitors.

One of the offers of this competent digital marketing firm is digital accessibility. Digital accessibility provides ease for digital platform visitors with consideration of the disabled.

The digital accessibility function allows your website to cater to a larger audience. Moreover, it helps give your company a sense of corporate social responsibility.

Corporate social responsibility entails company actions that focus on the betterment of the community. Examples of corporate social responsibility activities include supporting not-for-profit causes. You can sponsor seminars on women empowerment. 

Moreover, you can try hosting public events in the community where your med spa operates. You can even offer free live webinars. The sky's the limit for you!

What better way to express your support for the community than by showcasing an act of “nobody gets left behind”? 

It can help with the image of your business for your commitment to those with impairments.  

Digital accessibility applies to different digital platforms. 

Accessible websites allow for a friendly user interface or UI for any website visitor.

By widening your scope, an improved user interface results in higher chances of large-scale conversion.

Really Good Content offers digital accessibility services to clients. Ask about their digital accessibility service now to get your free website audit!


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