The Marketing Mix And Your Medspa Business

A business has different functions. Some of these functions include finance, accounting, inventory management, operations, and marketing. 

The finance function of a business included the safeguard of financial assets like cash. Also, it involves the managerial level planning and budgeting of financial assets. For example, the finance department of many businesses leads the budgeting process. They also participate in large-scale project planning by providing information on fund availability. They also make contributions to materials purchase decisions. 

In collaboration with the finance department, the accounting department produces information needed for decision-making. Sometimes, the world of business interchanges the functions of these two. However, they have different functions. Although similar, they are not the same. For example, the outputs of accounting like financial statements and reports are the inputs for the work of the finance department. 

When financial statements and reports are available, the finance department can make financial decisions. For example, they can use the information on sales and interrelate them with investment information. Alternatively, the financial management department of your business can use gross profit information from the previous period to make budgets and forecasts. It can even help them make project-related decisions. Additionally, accounting information can help your financial managers to decide on in-house functions or outsourcing. For example, they can help your business to decide whether to conduct marketing activities in-house or outsource them. 

Additionally, inventory management helps with the proper handling of inventory and supplies. For example, this department is responsible for preventing wastage and keeping expired products for aesthetic injections. If you store hundreds of products in your storage room, you may need to hire an inventory expert. That way, you do not overspend and overstore too many supplies and inventory. There is still a cost for storing products. For example, utilities expenses.

Furthermore, another business function you need to focus on is operations. This function includes activities like performing aesthetic injections and laser treatments to your patients. As a leader of your business, you will want to provide every patient with the best service you can offer. To do this, you need to monitor your staff. You cannot dedicate your time and effort if you will multitask on different business functions. That is the reason why you should consider outsourcing for your business. 

A business function you can outsource is marketing. Marketing is a broad topic. When talking about marketing, there are many subtopics. 

For your medspa business, you can use promotion and public relations. Also, you can employ advertising and digital marketing. There is a digital marketing agency that specializes in the medspa business. You should consider their services. That way, you get to focus on critical business functions like your operations and customer services. 

For example, a marketing agency can maximize the concepts of the marketing mix and marketing strategies. That way, you do not waste time and effort for your medspa business.

Why Does Your Medspa Need Marketing? 

According to Blog Hubspot, marketing is a business function that convinces an audience to try the services of your medspa business through effective communication.  

Indeed, marketing involves effective communication. When you effectively communicate the services of your medspa business, you get more patients. For example, when they understand your brand, you get more trust. When they know you know what you are doing, they will put their trust in your medspa services. 

Nothing beats good publicity. When your patients know you are good at your work, they will recommend you. Your patients can tell about your services to their family and friends. Their family and friends will do the same when you meet their expectations. It is one of the reasons you need to employ good marketing tactics. That way, you maximize customer satisfaction and open doors for expansion. 

Why You Need To Learn About The Marketing Mix For Your Medspa Business? 

The marketing mix is an important marketing concept you need to master before you begin. If you are already in the industry for years, you need to learn about this concept now. It can help you grow and reach a bigger target market. 

Marketing mix allows you to determine factors your business can control or influence. This marketing concept allowed many firms to overcome their struggles. These businesses include startups and those operating for years. By understanding the components of this concept, you can open opportunities and allow for the growth of your medspa business. 

The Marketing Mix 

The marketing mix was originally four. The world of business called these four the 4 Ps of marketing. These components include product, price, place, promotion. Later on, the business world added three more. They call the latest and complete marketing mix the 7Ps of marketing. The other three added to the list are process, people, and physical evidence. 

Here are a few things you need to know about the marketing mix to help you run your medspa business:


Under this marketing mix component, you also consider services. As medspa businesses primarily offer services to their patients, you need to focus on your services. As mentioned earlier, you need to be serious with your operations. For example, you need to focus on the quality of your services. The quality of your services influences your speed for growth. Your patients will primarily make conclusions about your business based on their experience. Make sure that you make their experiences better than the competition.

Some factors influence the quality of your services. For example, your tools, methods, and equipment affect the quality of your services. If you use outdated tools and equipment, your competition may outperform you. Additionally, employ the latest techniques used by practitioners in the industry. That way, you offer safe and accurate medspa treatments to your patients. You can do this by completing aesthetic treatment training from a competitive school.


In pricing your products and services, you need to price them correctly. Sometimes, the easiest way to price your products and services is to copy your competition. Sometimes this technique is not ideal all the time.

When you price your medspa services, you should consider your cost. When you copy the price of your competition, it may not be enough to cover your cost. Additionally, it may not be enough to cover your markup and gross income goals. Remember, although you belong in the same industry, you and your competition have cost variances. Factors that influence cost include inputs, processes, and technology used. A recent equipment update may render your cost higher than your competition. Copying the price of your competition may not be ideal. You may not even break even. Additionally, your price may not equate to the value you add to your services with your equipment update.

To price the products and services of your medspa business, you need to consider factors. The first one is cost. Your costs can include utilities, salaries, and products used to complete a service. Additionally, you need to set a markup. Markup is the amount you add to your cost. Your markup should reflect your financial goals.


The place does not only pertain to the area where you build your medspa clinic. Although, the location where you put your medspa clinic affects your profitability and growth.

For example, your medspa operates in a place with good foot traffic. You increase your chance of getting patients. However, if the people who walk past your business are not your target market, you may have to move your location.

Additionally, this component of the marketing mix includes the physical arrangement of your clinic. It means you need to arrange your furniture and equipment in a way that entices your patients to decide to stay longer inside your medspa doors. One way to do this is to have good lighting and comfortable furniture. Also, consider their comfort and safety. A clinic with AC and a heater can help your patients feel comfortable while inside your clinic. Malls go the extra mile by using this to influence customer activity. For example, they provide air-conditioning to add comfort to shoppers. That way, they stay in the facility longer and spend more.


The process of delivering your services to your patients can influence patient satisfaction.

A recent event that relates to this marketing mix is the pandemic. Your services should coincide with the COVID-19 restrictions and rules set in your area. These rules may include social distancing, face masks, and frequent sanitation.

Adding floor guide signs for social distancing can help your patients. Also, hourly sanitation activities in the work area of your staff can prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

When your patients believe they are safe from COVID-19 while inside the doors of your medspa, they will want to have another session. They may also recommend you to their loved ones.

Physical Evidence

Physical evidence includes tangible materials that will help you prove that your business exists. For example, a business card can help your business inform potential leads to contact you. Some medspas reach their patients virtually. You can create a virtual business card. Additionally, you can add your contact information to your website.

You cannot entice your website visitors to consider your services if your website is not well-made. A digital marketing agency can help you with med spa website design. That way, you get an informative and updated website for your med spa business.


In the service industry, you need well-capable staff to handle your clients. As a medspa business, you need highly-trained and qualified staff. That way, they provide accurate results to your patients. When results are accurate and exceed client expectations, you increase your chance of building long-term customer relationships. With customer satisfaction, you incline your opportunities for referrals. You also improve client loyalty. That way, they come back to your doors. They may even bring their co-workers and family with them on their next visit.


Promotion allows you to communicate your business to your target market. Many medspa businesses are turning to digital marketing to increase their clientele. You can use this marketing strategy to promote your business. That way, you add value to your business through effective communication tactics.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing includes activities that employ digital platforms to communicate your brand to your target audience. These platforms include social media, websites, and email.

Digital marketing includes activities like creating medical spa websites. A

Additionally, your websites, social media, and emails need medspa content. That way, you inform your audience about your brand.

Furthermore, valuable content allows your target audience to understand your business. That way, they get curious about your services and contact your business.

For example, reading your medspa article about Botox injections increases the potential to spark curiosity among your readers. They may contact you to learn more about your services.

There are many good outcomes from digital marketing for your medspa business. However, you may not employ it successfully. For example, medspa content writing or website design may be hard to do in-house for your business. That is where a medspa digital marketing agency can help you.

Why Partner With A Medspa Digital Marketing Agency?

A medspa digital marketing agency can help your medspa business. They have specific experience with medspa businesses. It means they know about the industry. Also, they have relevant knowledge about your market.

A competitive medspa digital marketing agency you can consider is Really Good Content.

Really Good Content can help with increasing your clientele through various digital platforms. For example, they can help you relaunch your website. 

 Additionally, they can assist you with handling your online presence through managing your social media accounts. They can also create valuable content for your business.

Furthermore, Really Good Content can help you with medspa website articles and content. That way, you get more website visitors messaging you. The more emails you get, the higher your conversion.

If you want to get more patients coming inside your medspa clinic, let Really Good Content help! Contact them now!


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