Why Your Medspa Clinic Needs Digital Marketing Now

Dec 10

Though hit hard by the pandemic, the medical aesthetic industry now thrives on getting back to its feet. It proves that the medspa business can be a profitable venture to consider. It is true now that the industry continues to rise back from the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

It was not only hard for the medspa businesses when multiple lockdown orders surfaced across different states. Clients resisted not having their regular medical cosmetic treatments. This was evident during the stay-at-home orders, says this article. It means more potential clients are eager to find medspa clinics like yours near their area. It is very relevant as many states ease COVID-19 restrictions. 

Are you prepared for a sudden boom of regular and new patients in your medspa clinic? As more people turned to the internet during the pandemic for information, there is no going back. The added population in the online community makes your online presence more relevant. 

If you want to improve your online presence, you can turn to digital marketing for help. Digital marketing can help you reach a new market. Your business may not have caught the attention of a single member of this group. However, they may be looking for yours. The only problem is you are not helping them find your business online. 

Let professionals help you reach that audience. 

Medspa Businesses By The Numbers

The Medspa Industry is a growing industry. Over the past years, it showed a continuing growth trend in the US. From approximately 1600 med spa clinics across the US in 2010, it grew to at least 5000 in 2018, says this source. Also, the source states that there will be at least 10,000 med spa clinics by 2023. 

According to the American Med Spa Association, the average revenue of the medspa industry increased by 9% in 2018. Additionally, the industry reported a profit margin of 29% on the same report. The source also mentioned that 62% of medspa businesses said a 91% increase in their income in 2019 sees a 10% growth in revenue. 

Do not let your business get left behind with the fast progression in the industry. A way to stay in the competition is to join their game. What you can do is to up your marketing tactics. 

B2B Marketing Or B2C Marketing: Which Does Your Medspa Business Need?

Before you understand how digital marketing works, you need to know the difference between B2B and B2C healthcare marketing

B2B means Business To Business while B2C means Business to Consumers. If your target audience is a business, you can employ B2B marketing. On the other hand, if your business targets consumers, you can do B2C marketing. 

The classification between the two helps you create a marketing plan. It helps identify your target market for your marketing efforts. 

However, if marketing is not your expertise, this can be challenging. That is why many medspa businesses engage with a digital marketing agency. 

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing centers on the idea that you can communicate your business to your target market through digital means. It includes the use of the internet, various types of content, and link building. 

There is a lot to consider in digital marketing. 

For example, you need to take note of the current technologies used by your target market. Additionally, you need appropriate content to make a relevant connection with your audience. 

Digital marketing is a broad yet effective method to reach an untapped market in your competition. 

As it is broad, basic marketing knowledge may not be enough to see significant results. You need professionals to help you maximize various options in the digital world to increase your profitability. For example, you may need the services of an expert to make you interactive and informative Med Spa website design.

Benefits From Using Digital Marketing For Your Medspa Business

Using digital marketing to grow your clientele can help grow your business. Digital marketing uses various digital streams to reach your online target market. For example, it uses online search engines, social media, and email to interact with leads. 

The options to reach a greater audience allow for different types of digital marketing. Each of which can offer multiple benefits to your medspa business. 

The Different Types Of Digital Marketing

There are many ways to reach an online audience. Here are a few types of digital marketing you can use for your medspa business:

Social Media Marketing

According to this source, there are 40 million people across the US who used social media in 2020. Also, it says that the majority of this population uses Facebook and YouTube. It means that there is a huge market on this platform. With the right plan and moves, you can reach leads that you can easily convert into patients.

Social media can influence consumer behavior. Also, Businesses are exploiting this opportunity to their advantage. Your medspa business can also benefit from social media through the help of digital marketing experts. 

Social media marketing involves different social media platforms to reach your target market. Specialists under this type of digital marketing are masters of content and engagement. They know which content has a high chance to influence social media visitors to click links. Also, they have the expertise at effectively communicating your services and brand through this platform. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You can use search engines other than searching the definition of a word. Many medspa businesses employ the services of digital marketing agencies primarily to earn a top spot in the search engine results. The higher you rank, the better chance of your target audience finding you. 

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a technical task. To increase your chances of landing on the first page of a search engine you need a professional. A digital marketing agency does not only offer these services. They also can help make engaging medical Spa websites and valuable content. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can also help your medspa business add a new income stream. It works by getting commissions for adding links to an external site into any content on your website.  

Alternatively, you get to reach a larger audience by paying other websites to include links from your website to their content. That way, their visitors become your potential visitors as well. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a personalized way to introduce your medspa services to individuals. It means you identified your leads and all you have to do is communicate with them. 

It is advantageous because your marketing efforts will be for the people you want to sell your services to. It means you will not waste time communicating with people who may not be needing your services. 

Digital marketing agencies can help expand your clientele through email marketing. They have the experience to reach leads that your medspa business needs. 

Let an agency help you. That way, you can focus your time on your medspa operations. 

Content Marketing

You cannot do digital marketing without content. You use content to capture the attention of an audience. This audience has a short attention span. It means you have to make your content engaging and exciting to allow your website or social media visitors to see what you want them to see. 

Content creators can employ various types of content to maximize your chances of getting the attention of your target audience. By getting their attention, you relay relevant information about your services.

Not everyone can write engaging yet informative content. Making a medspa article can be challenging if you do not have the expertise. You can ask your trusted digital marketing agency to do medspa content for you. That way, they can do the medspa content writing for you as you focus on your growing operations.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is an effective method of converting leads into patients. This digital marketing method allows you to use medspa content like blogs and videos to influence your website visitors to take action. You can even use email marketing here. 

Additionally, inbound marketing goes by three methodologies. First, you have to attract an audience. The next step is you have to engage with them. The last step is a delight. It means your services can be a solution to their problems. In your case, you can resolve their facial aesthetic issues. 

The steps that go before delight may be challenging if you have no experience with inbound marketing. The worst result can be ending up in the spam folder of a lead. To prevent this, you need an expert with digital marketing. 

What Types Of Digital Content Can Help With Marketing Your Medspa Business?

Content impacts how you use digital marketing. Do it right and you get the attention of people you want to know you exist. Do it wrong and you get skipped whenever they see it on social media or search engines. 

In making content, you need to know its classifications. Here are a few types of content you can use for the medspa business:


As for trivia, a blog is a shorter version of the word “weblog.” It is a regular log of a writer about a topic placed on the “web” or the internet. 

Having blogs on medspa websites allows visitors to learn about their services available. You can add blogs to your medspa website too. However, writing is not for everyone. You may be good at your expertise. Yet, you may not know the right words to express yourself. That is where content writers can help. Contact a digital marketing agency now. They can help put interactive and informative content for your target viewers. 

Social Media Posts

You can post various types of content on your social media page. Making the right content and type can help you get more website visits and patients. 

To make engaging social media content, you can use videos and photos. You can use your graphic design skills in creating social media content. 

If you do not have time to make social media content, a digital marketing agency can do the job for you. Get a digital marketing company specializing in medspa businesses. That way, you get the services of experts with experience in the industry.


Infographics are content that employs graphics and words in one place. It is both informative and attractive. It contains more information than what an audience can get in a photo. Also, it attracts an audience. Also, the visitors can find the design of the infographic artistic. 

Your main goal with this type of content is to get your website or social media visitors to learn about your services without getting bored. 

Website design companies can help put this content on your medspa website. 


You can place testimonials on your website or social media page. Testimonials are the statements of your former patients. You can interview them and ask about their experience from your medspa clinic. 

It is a great way to inform your website or social media page visitors on what to expect from your services. 

Web design experts will always consider this for medspa websites. 

Let The Professionals Do The Work For You

Do you want to grow your clientele now? You can only expand your business if you decentralize your operation. For example, you can outsource your digital marketing function. 

Really Good Content is a digital marketing company specializing in med spa websites and social media design and management. It employs the latest tools and techniques. Also, it makes engaging and informative content for clients. 

Additionally, your medspa business will need an agency specializing in service to medical aesthetic clinics. They know a lot about the industry. Also, they have done it before. You can even check their case studies to see the success stories of their clients after partnering with Really Good Content. 

Ask the Really Good Content team now to increase the number of patients that come to the door in your medspa clinic!

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