Understanding Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs To Attain Medspa Client Loyalty

A business conducts various types of activities. For its survival, business functions coordinate with each other. As a leader, you have the responsibility to coordinate every business function in your medspa clinic. 

Business Functions You Need to Know

There are certain business functions that your medspa business cannot forgo. Organizing these business functions can help you handle your business to its growth.

There is no easy way to handle a business. There will always be challenges. If you optimize your medspa team, you will have a high chance to survive struggles.

Here are some business functions you may need to focus on to grow your business growth:

Inventory and Supplies Management

According to Indeed, inventory and supplies are two different things. Inventory is the products that you sell for profit. On the other hand, supplies are the materials you use to provide your services.

Some medspa clinics do not only offer medical aesthetic services. They also offer products for sale. For example, Bespoke Beauty MT offers cosmetics and other beauty products aside from offering various medical aesthetic services.

 You can focus on this function to give good quality services to your patients. When you manage your supplies, you will never have to reject patients. The reason is that you will never run out of supplies you need to conduct service. With proper inventory and supplies management, you will not have problems with overstocking and understocking.

Financial Management and Accounting

Financial management and accounting functions should coordinate with ease. These two business functions help your business comply with government reporting requirements. For example, they help your business to pay the right amount of taxes.

Additionally, these two business functions can help you make sound decisions. For example, expanding your medspa business to a different city. You may want to check your financial resources if they can cover that decision.


Marketing can help you build your clientele. It involves activities that communicate your services and brand to your target market. There are many ways that you can use marketing to grow your business.

One of its purposes is to get you more clients. Then, the next challenge for you is to convert your new patients into loyal clients.

Customer Service Management

Your clients are the lifeblood of your business. Without them, you cannot survive. That is why you need to focus on not only getting patients to try your services. Encourage your medspa staff to convince your patients to return. This concept is called client loyalty.

What is Client Loyalty?

According to Send Pulse, customer loyalty is the instance where you expect your current customers to make repeat transactions from your business.

In your case, you can reword it as client loyalty. Client loyalty results when you expect your medspa patients to come back to your clinic after one or a few sessions.

When you attain client loyalty, the likelihood of your patients switching to a competitor is slim. It is usually true even if there are changes in your pricing and availability of treatment.

Why Is Client Loyalty Relevant For Your Medspa

Know that client loyalty can help increase your net income. Your net income is the amount you get after deducting your expenses from your revenue for the period.

You can get information about your net income from your accounting department. You can see it in the financial statements. Alternatively, you can ask your accounting department for the Income Statement. From that financial statement, you will see the expenses you incurred for the period and your revenue from the services you rendered. The higher your income, the higher your net income. However, you need to control your cost to increase your profits.

With a larger clientele of loyal patients, you will increase the revenue portion of your Income Statement. If you control your expenses for the period, you will help speed up the pace of your medspa growth.

Additionally, loyal patients may bring their friends and relatives to your medspa business. With this, they can help you with conversion as they are the ones spreading information about their experience with your medspa.

Ways To Build Client Loyalty For Your Medspa Business

There are methods you can try to get client loyalty for your medspa business.

For example, you conduct a loyalty reward program. You can give loyalty cards. You can use corresponding points for every payment made. In return, they can use it to reduce their service fee after their next visit to your medspa.

Additionally, you can issue cards that you can sign. If a patient gets to his tenth visit, you can offer discounted or free medspa services to them.

Moreover, prioritize customer relationship management. A capable and well-training customer service team can help build long-lasting relationships with your medspa patients. A competent customer service team can provide clear and accurate answers to client inquiries. It means your client service management team must possess good communication skills.

Furthermore, you can benefit from the chance of getting patient referrals from satisfied patients and loyal clients. To encourage this behavior, you can create a campaign to give points or discounts to loyal patients who recommended a friend.

Also, feedback about your medspa services can help build your business. Clients who have been going to your medspa may have By knowing what customers think about a specific part of your service issues, you can take actions on it. For example, you may have learned from client feedback that you have slow processing of inquiries sent to the email address of the medspa. With this information, you know which part of your business processes you can focus on for improvement. With faster response to inquiries, you increase your chance for conversion.

Additionally, you can encourage client loyalty if you focus on the quality of services. Quality of service does not only reflect your medspa services like Botox injections and chemical peels. Your furniture and lighting can impact the overall experience of your patients. You have to know that some of your patients visited you because they want to skip the hassle at a busy hospital. With that in mind, consider their comfort the moment they enter your medspa clinic. You can add new air conditioning equipment if your old one does not work anymore. Alternatively, you can add more comfortable chairs to your medspa. That way, you can make them feel a homey atmosphere when they enter your doors.

Understanding your clients to satisfy their needs and wants can be challenging. A tool you can use to understand your patients is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Your Patients 

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a concept in psychology that is helpful in the world of business. It is composed of five stages of human needs. Its concept is to satisfy the needs on the bottom part of the stages before proceeding with the others.

Here are the five stages of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in order of priority:

Physiological Needs

Physiological needs are those things that people need to survive. Physiological needs include food, clothing, rest, and warmth.

If you target to meet this need, you can add a heater to your medspa during the cold season. Alternatively, adding better air conditioning equipment can make your patients comfortable.

You can even add complimentary snacks or beverages to your

Safety Needs

Once you have satisfied the physiological needs of your patients, 

the next of your concerns is their safety. There are many ways to make your clients feel safe when they enter your premises. For example, you can hire security personnel.

Alternatively, you can get surveillance cameras and place them around and inside your medspa clinic.

Love and Belongingness Needs

Man needs to feel happy. There are many ways to make a person happy. A simple email of greetings on the birthday of your loyal patients may smile at them.

Also, you can do something to meet their needs to belong in a group. Why not create a club for your medspa patients. The modern way to do this is to create a page on social media. Informative and engaging content for social media can help your patients feel part of a group. Alternatively, you can give special offers, giveaways, or discounts that are exclusive only to club members. Being part of a group will encourage them to remain loyal to your services even if your competition offers lower prices.

Esteem Needs

Esteem needs include the need to feel self-worth. People often feel happy when they improve an aspect of themselves. The focus of your medspa business can directly fill this need.

By improving the aesthetics of your patients, you give them a boost in their self-esteem. To meet this need, ensure high-quality services to your patients. That way, they will return for more sessions.

Self-Actualization Needs

This need relates to reaching full potential and personal growth.

By boosting the confidence of your patients, they become more productive. That way, they get to reach their full potential in their career.

You may have understood all of these concepts or you know how to provide them to your patients. But, how do you reach or make long-term relationships with them if they do not know you exist? Communication can be an issue even if you use Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to satisfy your clients.

A Solution To Communicate Effectively with Your Patients

As mentioned earlier, marketing can help you communicate your services and products to your target market. However, there are many ways to employ marketing.

One modern method to communicate your brand is digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a strategy in marketing that involves activities using various digital platforms. For example, you can use websites or social media to reach your target audience.

One of the activities in digital marketing that your business can benefit from is med spa website design and medspa content writing.

If you do not know how to make medspa websites, you can ask the help of experts. Look for a digital marketing agency. They can help you with valuable content for various digital platforms.

For example, Really Good Content, a medspa digital marketing agency, can help you with medspa article writing with relevant medspa content.

When you let the experts handle your operations, you will not waste time and money.

Why Really Good Content?

Digital Marketing may look simple. But, it is beyond that. Behind the colorful and engaging websites are a group of people working together.

There are many functions behind websites and social media. First, you will need an appropriate medspa website design. Then, you will need content creators. There are many types of content. The content can be an infographic or a photo. Alternatively, content can be a video or written article.

Also, you will need marketing experts to conduct audits and reviews on the performance of your different digital platform accounts.

 Additionally, SEO experts will help you reach a large audience for your medspa business.

Really Good Content has vast experience working with medspa businesses. It means you can benefit from their knowledge and expertise. That way, you do not waste your time and money partnering with them.

Really Good Content offers a variety of services. For example, they offer website design services and SEO management. They can also help you with Content Management. They can do this by making valuable content that is engaging and informative. That way, your website visitors or social media followers reach your message effectively.

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