Meet The Client:

Dr. Sheila Nazarian and her team reached out to us to help build a digital platform and presence for THINKBIG! 2021. They have historically done an amazing show with amazing speakers like Kris Jenner and Cathy Heller. We were completely honored to connect with her faculty members, build out the web platform, as well as assist in marketing collateral creation for the conference.


We took on Dr. Nazarian's conference, THINKBIG! with honor.

There are a handful of things that we needed to implement:

  • A fully functional sales system for attendees to purchase tickets through
  • A membership platform that gave specific users access to certain content
  • A conference ecosystem with a live-streaming video area
  • An effective sponsors area that will drive traffic to their products.

The hardest part?

Oddly enough, the most difficult part of this project was locking in an effective members only service. We used Memberstack for the membership system, which allowed us to lock specific pages. Memberstack came in HUGE help for this project.



Video Treatment