Meet The Client:

When Dr. Gretchen Frieling reached out to us to help her build out her youtube channel and her virtual conference, we jumped at the opportunity. She's an absolutely inspiring and dynamic entrepreneur that we adore. Throughout our relationship, she's asked us to build out a bunch of additional products for her such as packaging for her skincare line, Sonyer.


GfaceMD's website needed to retain its previous style with some much welcomed upgrades like the floating nav bar and general design updates.

We also built in a CMS system so that her site was completely populated by data that she put in, without needing us to constantly redesign things.



Video Treatment

Dr. G's Youtube channel was made to increase her ability to help and reach those who are struggling with finding the perfect look while using skincare and injectables. Her goal is to become a resource for her clients who want to learn more about looking like their most beautiful selves.